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Illinois Sales 3.2 Million In Pot On First Day Of Legalization

Now half of the dispensaries are running out.

It's not even been an entire week since Illinois legalized recreational marijuana, and it's already litty a.f. Check out our favorite posts from the #ChicagoCannabis feed.

Many dispensaries like Midway, ran out of product on Sunday. It seems like shop owners just weren't ready for the throngs of recreational users. Dispensary workers have been working 14 hours shifts for 5 days straight. (That's a labor violation right?)

Anyway here's what we know so far about weed and Illinois.

1. When It's Cold A Mini Rig Can Warm You Up!

2. Be Prepared For Long Lines While They Get There Ish Together

3. Even local businesses, that aren't even dispensaries are celebrating the new era in cannabis.