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How TV Wall Mounts Compare Across The Board.

What are you really paying for?

More people purchase new TV's this time of year than any other. Black Friday is often full of offers that can be hard to refuse, but what happens when it's time to hang the it on the wall. Do you find a value saving DIY solution or do you higher the professionals?

Either way you're gonna want to make sure that you're using the right tools. Let's start with the mount itself. On Amazon they can range anywhere from $23 to $300 dollars.

On The In-Expensive End

The mount featured above from Mounting Dream has a solid 4.5 rating despite it's super affordable price. It holds a max of 182 pounds which will be sufficient for most TVs.

Generally Spending More Means More Viewing Angles

For 189.99 the mount above can move up, down, side to side with a variety of tilt options. For people who want more of a floating tv as opposed to a fixed picture frame style set up.

If you haven't already scheduled a TV Mounting appointment with TGC Designs, do so here.

The Grey Chair Designs was created by Rob E. (pictured right) on the principle of “Affirming Design” that states home improvement and design should incorporate the latest technology to provide a custom work/life balance to everyone regardless of budget.

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