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Georgia U.S. Senate Candidate Visits Black Gay Church

But did he miss an opportunity?

Jon Ossof is running to become the first democratic senator from the state of Georgia since 2005. In order to achieve that feet he’s going to need to churn out minority voters!

That’s why his visit to The Vision Cathedral of Atlanta isn’t unexpected but still a testament to how things have changed in the body politics.

The Vision Church of Atlanta is a progressive Pentecostal church who’s congregation consists mostly of LGBT people of color. Vision’s bishop O.C. Allen presides with his husband Rashad Burgess. So what did Ossoff have to say to this group of people facing discrimination from multiple fronts.

On that note it was a little disappointing to see that the images shared by Ossoff on his social media didn’t feature any of the black gay men that contribute to the

Vision Church’s vibrancy. Instead he shared a picture with almost exclusively featuring women. While there’s nothing wrong with our sisters getting some shine, we’re just curious as to the motivation between decisions. He didn’t even tag the bishop or the church that invited him (although he did mention him)

Nonetheless it should be encouraging to black gay advocates that Ossoff did make time to chat with Devin Barrington Ward an openly gay candidate running for the Georgia senate and a proven advocate of marginalized communities.

Perhaps Jon Ossoff was attempting to not alienate moderate voters in Georgia or it could have been an innocent moment in the heat of a campaign. Either scenario provides opportunities for the campaign. While there always be a place for retail (face to face) campaigning ,but in this digitally divided era we need to know who you rock with and we might not be able to be in the room with you to find out. Put us on your gram so we know it's real?

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