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Gay Couple Releases Christmas Project

Christmas Jams For You and Ya Mans

Los Angeles, California: Deion and Rome are a musical act consisting of romantic partners Deion the Godfather and Rome. Like many independent artists, they've been building their fanbase by appearing on shows like Own's Ready to Love and Divorce Court. This holiday season they're out with a special treat.

The black gay couple is putting out a Christmas album with originals and unique spins on the classic. If the snippet (listen above) that they put out for "ICY" is representative of the album then fans are in for a treat. Imagine a gay Boyz II Men singing about jewelry and fellatio; what more can a guy want?

The Christmas album follows their first project "God Loves Us Gays" and while we don't know exactly when the full project drops their take on classic "Rudolph" is a banger.

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