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Anye Elite Interviews Karen Bass

Check out the Icon City News exclusive.

Los Angeles, CA

Karen Bass is the U.S. Representative for California's 37th congressional district since 2011, she previously served for six years in the California State Assembly, the last two as Speaker. Although she recently gained a larger national profile from being on President Joe Biden’s shortlist for VP, Bass has been a key player in Californian and national politics for a long time is well known to viewers of major news networks like CNN and MSNBC.

Criminal Justice & Voter Suppression In Georgia

In the edited video of a brief conversation with Rep. Karen Bass, the congresswoman expressed the amount of effort that she was putting into seeing the George Floyd Criminal Justice Reform Bill (HR7120) pass the senate, although technically her “job is done” as Bass put it she’s “deeply involved in informal talks with Republican members… to get them to see the need for significant police reform”

Representative Bass also took the opportunity to mention the recent voter suppression bill as it was being passed while the interview was being conducted. The “pragmatic” congresswoman even acknowledged that this recent move by Republican leaders could lead to more support for getting rid of the filibuster.

The Moment For Anye & Icon City News

This marks the first time that rapper turned independent journalist Anye Elite a/k/a Aigner Ellis interviews an elected officeholder. Early in the video Elite/Ellis acknowledges his nervousness about speaking with such a high-profile politician.


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