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Gay Civil Rights Leader Bayard Rustin May Finally Get Justice

32 years after his death.

In an attempt to shame Bayard Rustin after the 1963 Civil Rights March on Washington, Senator Strom Thurmond once read Rustin’s 1953 “sex perversion” conviction on the United States Senate Floor, for the record. The arrest for ‘lewd vagrancy’ came in 1953, when police surveilled Rustin following a speech in Pasadena, California and caught him having sex in a vehicle with at least one man.

Now, California politicians and activists want to posthumously pardon Rustin – who was registered as a ‘sex offender’ for the rest of his life, until his death in 1987.

A Source Of Inspiration To The

#FunnyMoneyRock/Icon City Movement

In 2016 Icon City founder and rapper Anye Elite released "Ode To Baldwin" in which he name checks Rustin and other often overlooked LGBT civil rights figures.


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