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Don’t Worry UBER, The Kids Don’t Really Boycott Anymore

Plus 5 tweets that say otherwise.

The ceo of ride sharing app UBER just stepped in it after stating that the assassination of Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi by Saudi Arabia was a mistake.

Just a brief refresher If you haven’t been following the story. Khashoggi’s gruesome murder sparked additional outrage after the current administration refused to punish or denounce an attack by a foreign government on a us journalist. The CEO of UBER Dara Khosrowshahi (pictured below) compared the murder to a glitch in UBER’s forthcoming driverless vehicles.

Now here’s why I don’t think anyone is going to really boycott despite it being a trending subject this morning. UBER is just too big to fail at this point. Despite having a strong competitor in Lyft, too many people count on the ride sharing service. I don’t see every rushing back to the cab industry.

However like I promised 5 tweets saying differently.

1. First off, It’s not hard to boycott when you ain’t got no money in the bank!

2. Apparently there was already a boycott partially in effect.

3. The service has been going downhill for a minute now.

4. My favorite work around! #wastehistime2019

5. Plain and Straight From A Lawyer Vet!

I‘m not gonna hold my breath. I know gays who still eat at Chic Fil-A.


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