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Did We Really Need Band-Aids For Black People?

It's the little things for me.

As the country is reliving the tragic death of George Floyd via the Derek Chauvin trial, many of us are reminded of all the promises made by corporate America in light of the summer 2020 protest for racial justice and police reform. During this time everybody from Uber to IBM (even Grindr) got in on the action releasing statements and announcing initiatives in support of the BlackLivesMatter movement.

Band-Aid is actually one of those companies following through on their promise to be more thoughtful about the populations that they serve. As a result, they've finally released their long-awaited "OurTone" line of bandages for people of color.

Of course, not everyone sees the need.

In the product review video below I compare the new line with the traditional tan Band-Aid. Are you excited about the new options?

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