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Crisis Or Not, This Reporter Is Not Letting Trump Off The Hook.

News junkies know her, you should too.

Many people around the world are praising PBS news anchor Yamiche Alcindo for her most recent exchange (video below) with the current occupant refers to her as "you people", tells her to "be nice", and accuses her of being "threatening".

Not even a worldwide pandemic threating to fundamentally change humanity can stop one Donald J. Trump for developing a personal beef with anyone who even remotely questions his authority.

The president's coronavirus feuds have included his own infectious diseases advisor Tony Fauci as well as a number of state governors. Yamiche Alcindo, the PBS Whitehouse correspondent has been the latest to earn Trump's ire.

Trump's Obsession With Her Employment

This is not the President's first time personally attacking reporters or Alcindor specifically. Donald seems to really be interested in the circumstances that lead Alcindor to leave Time Magazine for PBS. We're not sure what he's trying to insinuate.

Twitter Has Yamiche's Back


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