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Capital One Just Became The Ultimate Stunt Queen

A technical issue is preventing millions of people from accessing their money.

After a night of drinking and expensive costumes, many Capital One customers are likely still feeling wicked once they realized that their direct deposits were not in their accounts this morning.

With hold times ranging from 15 mins to 2 hours all Capital One can offer is vague apologies. Now I don’t wanna start no conspiracies, but in my mind it’s always the Russians, just kidding but not.

I used to think of Capital One as the Sprint PCS of banking with their zero to low fees; they seemed to be a great fit for college students or young entrepreneurs. Not exactly the best endorsement but the current prez banks with them as well.

The question is, what is the financial institution going to do about it. Undoubtedly they should consider refunding all of overdraft and similar banking fees that they received this year. Not likely but we can hope.

We’ll try and keep you guys up to date, just wanted ya’ll know that it wasn’t the stunt queens.


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