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Black Gay Men's Group Announce Spring Gala

Get cute in Palm Springs for a good cause.

Palm Springs, California: This year is all about making up for the feeling of lost time experienced by many over the last couple of years. One way to do this is by following through on social plans and gathering that we put off in the name of safety. Such is the case for Brothers of the Desert's "Spring Affair: A Dinner and Dance Party." The event will feature musicians and reality tv stars Deion and Rome as well as a dance set by resident DJ WeS!.

Brothers of the Desert, a non-profit serving black gay men and their allies in the Coachella Valley, conceived the spring gala as a replacement for their annual new year's eve gala that was canceled due to omicron. The event's production and marketing teams which include Icon City Entertainment chose to incorporate decades-old pictures of queer African-American couples into its spring theme. Just like the new years eve event, "Spring Affair: A Dinner and Dance Party" raises funds for the non-profit's various programs including two sponsorships.