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Apollo Bebop and Gucci Mar Bring Hip-Hop Vibes to the Coachella Valley

Apollo Bebop and Gucci Mar recently brought hip-hop vibes to the Coachella Valley with their performance at Flat Black Art Supplies in Palm Desert.

Local hip-hop aficionado and event organizer Zelaya Divina hosted the Hip-Hop Union event at Flat Black Art Supplies in Palm Desert. Orange County's Santa Ana was well represented as a number of the supporting artists came from the area. Check out the video below for Anye's review.

The five members of Apollo Bebop are all self-taught musicians who bring a unique musical energy to each performance. Despite sometimes making mistakes, they always learn from them and keep striving to improve. This growth mindset has enabled them to create a sound that is unparalleled in hip-hop today - blending the best of both genres into one powerful package. Drawing influence from John Coltrane and A Tribe Called Quest, the band's distinctive hip-hop and jazz fusion created an exciting atmosphere for hip-hop aficionados looking for something fresh in the area.

Gucci Mar's pop hip-hop sound is sure to get all the hot girls and hot boys dancing and popping they ish. Similar to Apollo Bebop, Gucci Mar reps Santa Ana. Her latest single Yota is on the ICN Music Apple Music Playlist.


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