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All Bisexual Cast Makes History

Finally, there's truly something for everyone.

If you're old enough to remember the first few seasons of "Road Rules" and "The Real World" then you're familiar with MTV's role as a trailblazer on all things gender and sexuality. For a while, they had become more famous for spotlighting LGBT and non-confirming identities than they were for music.

After a strong ad campaign the season's first episode aired; viewers are already setting up office pools on who's meant to be together. For the record we are digging the eclectic colors and fashion that result in casting such a free loving group. Their housing accommodations aren't too bad to look at either as you can see below.

Our favorites so far include Brandon Davis, Basit Shittu & Jonathan Short. (All Pictured In Cover) . Here's hoping that one of them end up with the other.


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