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Alicia Keys & Cynthia Are The Parents Many LGBT Peeps Wish They Had

The black community is evolving.

First up “No One” singer Alicia Keys took to social media to share a parenting story involving their 4 year old son whom she raises with producer Swizz Beats. On a trip to the nail salon Alicia’s son asked to get his nails painted rainbow colors. The fact that she was ok with this already makes her a rock star parent in our book.

That wasn’t all. Apparently the little guy caught a case of buyers remorse when he thought about the fact that some people not appreciate his individuality. Sensing this Key’s stepped in with a pep-talk on not being afraid to like what you like. Check it out below.

Next up was former super model and current Real Housewives of Atlanta star Cynthia Bailey. Her daughter Noelle shared with her that she’s attracted both men and women. Cynthia, ever the epitome of grace reassured her daughter although she was adjusting she loved he, supported her, and wanted to meet whomever she was dating, boy or girl.

Why these ladies deserve a kudos?

In Alicia’s case I thought it was really interesting that she opened about her own difficulties being criticized for embracing her “masculine energy”. Who else remembers that era? Some people couldn’t take Alicia’s pants and cornrolls.

When it comes to Cynthia to me she is an great example of changing attitudes in the more traditional parts of the community. Yeah she’s a former model and a recent southern belle, but Ms. Bailey can definitely be buttoned up. Kudos to her for elevating the conversation.

Did you come out? Was you mom more Cynthia or Alicia? Or maybe the mom from Precious?


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