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5 Reasons Why Lolly Adefope Is Our #WCW

All Hail The New Queen Of Quirk!

If you don't know Lolly Adefope, don't feel bad the British stand-up comedian and actress is just getting started here as her Hulu series "Shrill" tickles more viewers.

A quick perusal of her social media made me a quick convert. Here's 5 reasons why I'm suddenly stanning for Ms. Adefope

5. She Plays The Piano

Here she is banging out the theme song from Hbo's "Succession"

4. She's Able To Keep Her Cool While Talking To A Shirtless Idris Elba!

3. Her Faves Are Our Faves

Here she is paying homage to bad gal RiRi. How cute is she?!?!?!

2. She's Not Afraid To Go There!

We wouldn't of done it but she has balls.

1. She Might Be President One Day!

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