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$35 Blunt Made To Entice Cigar Lovers

Get your Don Mafioso on! 18+ Only

Cannabis company Albert Einstone's El Blunto is the latest in a line of luxury cannabis cigars hoping to capture the traditional cigar market. Featured in Forbes, El Blunto is made out of the highest-quality cannabis and is wrapped in hemp and contains zero tobacco. It also includes a high end glass filter tip.

Anye Elite reviewed El Blunto on the latest episode of Smoke and Sound. Press play below:

El Blunto was designed for the cannabis connoisseur. Their hand selected top shelf flower cannabis is hand rolled (even the flower is hand ground, never ground).

Where To Experience EL Blunto For Yourself?

Although El Blunto is available in over 100 dispensaries in California. We suggest Los Angelenos take it in over a hot plate at the Original Cannabis Cafe (formerly Lowell Cafe) we checked it out open night. Press Play Below:


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