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2020’s Best Halloween Costumes

Check out our faves! For me it’s the Mcloskeys.

  1. Hypeman Ant as Steve Urkel

The legendary lgbt promoter of Atlanta didn’t let the pandemic keep him from celebrating the spooky holiday in literally the creepiest year ever. Although I must say I don’t remember Urkel being so fit, so perhaps this a bit more of a Stephaun than Steve.

2. @Chocalate__dutchess as Loc Dog from “Don’t Be A Menace”

In the first episode of Adventures of Anye & Rob, couple visit Philadelphia after learning that Anye has a long lost sister living in the city of brotherly love. Can we agree sis definitely did the thing with the costume?

3. Black Couple as McCloskey's

Whether you hate or loved the couple who went viral for pullong their guns out on non-violent protesters walking through their neighborhood, you have to admit that this couple‘s take on the incident is down right hilarious.

4. @Prettynici as Uncle Clifford

Unless you’ve been living under rock then you know that Starz’s breakout hit P-Valley was the best new show this season. It has something for everybody strippers, drag, politics and more. This instagrammed really nailed the look of Uncle Clifford, P-Valley’s unconventional hero!


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