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Ed Buck Hires O.J. Simpson Lawyer

Victim's family files 'wrongful death' suit.

Last year federal charges were filed against Democratic donor Ed Buck for allegedly providing the drugs that led to the death of 26-year-old Gemmel Moore at Buck's West Hollywood home in 2017, according to law enforcement.

Recently, the family of a second victim 55-year-old Timothy Dean (pictured below right) whom died in the same West Hollywood building on Laurel Avenue has filed a wrongful death against the West Hollywood socialite.

The lawsuit says Buck “had a predatory and injurious system of soliciting black gay men and watching them cling to life while battling symptoms of methamphetamine toxicity after he intravenously administered large doses of the drug to them.”

Buck would give men cash, temporary housing, alcohol, or drugs in exchange for sexual acts performed with and in front of him.

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Effects On 2016 Election

Although Buck's influence was mostly limited to the area around Los Angeles. GOP advertisers and perhaps russian bots used pictures of Buck alongside popular liberal politicians to damage the Democratic party and the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton.

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