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Jess Hilarious Calls Fan a F*GG*T; Gay Rapper Responds

The problem with social media celebrities is that they don't get the benefit of media training. The latest person to let their mouth write a check that their proverbial "ass couldn't cash" is Baltimore comedienne Jess Hilarious. In an exchange with a troll/fan on twitter she referred to a twitter user as a f*gg*t.

A lot of people feel as though the word shouldn't be used in any context. Other's like fashion brand Diesel have tried to change the connotation associated with the word. Full disclosure I even recorded a song called F.G.M (F*gg*ts Getting Money) but, I don't think people really got it. *insert shrug*

Anyways it's clear that Jess Hilarious wasn't trying to empower anyone. It was a disgusting display of homophobia that has become increasingly common among black elite. This is especially sad considering the Kevin Hart scandal as well as the recent bigoted attack on "Empire" star Jussie Smollett.

Who knows where this trend is going to lead us. To all my LGBT brother's and sister's stay vigilant. Watch this space for updates.

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