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A disturbing trend has appeared this year.

Berenton J. Whisenant, Raymond Myles, and Judge Sheila Abdus-Salaam are just three of the U.S judges and prosecutors who have been murdered this year. Although motives range from a botched robbery attempt to an alleged suicide, which the family disputes; it's clear that we all need to stay woke and vigilant.

We're not here to spread conspiracy theories however, others are noting that Whisenant, a local federal prosecutor was located in the district investigating former DNC chair Debra Wasserman Schultz's alleged visa fraud. There seems to be no correlating circumstances with the other homicides however, the longer I'm around it becomes hard for me to believe in coincidences.

This is personally upsetting considering that before I decided on rapping and stuff, I dreamed of being the first African-American attorney general. My childhood hero was Thurgood Marshall. (I know nerdy) Anyways, congratulations to Eric Holder for making that achievement. Today, I have friends who've taken offices and found other ways to do the people's work so, for their sake and all of ours, I'll be keeping an eye on this.


If you having any more details please leave comments below.

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