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Homoerotic Homophobia Becomes Legacy Of Murder Victim

How anti-gay memes and sexy felons are taking attention from an open homicide.

A few months ago we reported on the death of a woman who claimed to be extorting an Indianapolis man who she allegedly walked in on engaging in sex with another man.


Despite murder victim, Jane Waughfield publicly posting a picture of Jamael Carter identifying him as the man that she walked in on; police have yet to name any suspect or make arrests.

Perhaps it's the frustration with the perceived lack of progress that is leading many supporters of the deceased to unleash an almost endless stream of anti-gay content on pages dedicated to Waughfield, who served her community as a tire saleswomen.

The image above features openly gay rapper and #FunnyMoneyRockPlaylist featured artist Saucy Santanna alongside a statement seemingly blaming the entire gay community for Waughfield's murder.

"It's ok to be gay in reason to the (expletive) truth have a whole rainbow community and people who support!! No excuse for what you did"

Other shared pictures of a younger Jamael Carter alongside disparaging comments.

According to members of the page, the man that Jane walked in on was Stefan Scott a fellow member of the Haughville Syndicate an Indianapolis gang which Jane Waugfield referenced in her infamous live stream recorded shortly before her demise. Is it us or does he kinda give you "hot felon" Jeremy Meeks vibes?

Original Story:

Woman Shot Hours After Outing Man As Gay

Homophobia Kills

According to social media reports, a Facebook live personality lost her life moments after allegedly threatening to extort a local man for engaging in same-sex intimacy.

A very intolerant and sadly prophetic Jane Waughfield reports on a personal interaction she had with an ex-fling. In the video, she says she caught the man in a homosexual act and expresses her extreme disgust.

In the video above she shares how she told the man she would not tell anyone what she saw if he paid her figures as high as $5,000.

She Knew What Was Coming

Multiple times throughout the 15-minute video, she suggest that her life was in danger, saying that if anything happened to her, then the men in question were responsible.

Jane has since died in a shooting that led to a multi-car crash in Indianapolis


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