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Will Mariah Carey Help Latto Score Her First #1 Single?

Why this release has us on chart watch.

(Atlanta, GA): Whoever said that Mariah Carey is only active at Christmas did not get the memo. Ms.Carey is appropriate for all seasons. Not only is the "We Belong Together" songstress gearing up for her MasterClass debut, she's also lending an assist to an up-and-coming female rapper.

Latto (formerly known as Mullatto) is an Atlanta (more specifically Clayton County) rapper who's despite being in the game for years is enjoying a breakthrough moment thanks to her hit "Big Energy" which samples Tom Tom Club's 1981 single, Genius of Love. If it's not ringing a bell that's okay, just know that it's basically the same backing beat as Mariah Carey's Fantasy. Since this was common knowledge musically gifted fans had already created mash-ups of the two pop gems. However, thanks to DJ Khaled, we'll be blessed with new vocals. Furthermore, if the cover is any indication, there may also be a music video.

Authors Note: As you can tell from the tweet above I was skeptical that this was going to happen. My theory rested on two obviously flawed points. First, I remember thinking the Latto's original stage name could have been offensive to the Queen of Christmas. Secondly, the rumbling where that Nicki Minaj had already signed on to do the feature. If that was the case, there was no way that the two of them were getting on a track together. Their spats while judging American Idol are still legendary. Either way, this is great news for the "Big Energy" rapper, Latto's album "777" dropped this week and has two songs on the Smoke and Sound apple music playlist.

The million-dollar or 777th question is will Mariah Carey's presence on the track be enough to lift the song to the top of the Billboard 100? To date, Big Energy has peaked at #14 and of course, we know Mariah's Fantasy went to #1. I'm watching to see if they can do it again.

Of course, we'll embed the track here when it's out. Until then allow the full-circle moment of Latto dressing up as Mariah last Halloween to live rent-free in your mind until Monday!


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