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Why Is Boosie Badazz Still Dissin Zaya Wade?

Obsessed much?

Even during a global pandemic "Wipe Me Down" rapper Bossie Badazz can't seem to move on from his insensitive and inappropriate comments surrounding NBA star Dwayne Wade's daughter Zaya Wade and her decision to identify as transgendered.

On an Instagram live he continued to reference the controversy saying "I got gay people around me. I got nothing against no gay people," Boosie said. "I got gay people that work for me. I got gay people in my family. All I said was don't do that, man."

The "that" to which Boosie was referring was gender reassignment surgery, surely a sensitive subject for many queer youths and their families.

Perhaps he would be better served by keeping his comments to himself. Beyond that, it showcases Boosie's ignorance of how life actually works for transgendered people around the world; many who never elect to undergo reassignment surgery.

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