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Luxury L.A. Artist Commemorates Nation's First Pot Arrest

Meet Samuel Caldwell. He sat in jail so you could light an L.

Vennibby is a Los Angeles visual artist and fashion designer; who specializes in reimagining pieces originally manufactured by the some of the world's most iconic brands. Recently, she gained media attention for deconstructing an already limited edition Louis Vuitton keep all (picture below).

This time she's doing something for the cannabis enthusiast and lucky for us, it's much more affordable. While we don't know where Vennibby is sourcing the denim, we do know the source of her inspiration.

82 years ago Samuel R. Caldwell was arrested on the same day that the United States first made marijuana illegal. According to records, he was sentenced to four years of hard labor for selling two joints.

To show off the creative process Vennibby took to Instagram:

Get yours before the sale ends on October 15th:

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