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Is it true? Does it even matter?

Today a video on WorldStarHipHop came out featuring former That's So Raven actor, Orlando Brown claiming that Nick Cannon gave him oral sex.

In the video (featured above) Orlando Brown says the following:

"Fine, you want me to tell everybody? You want me to let everybody know? Okay, fine. Nick, I let you suck my dick," Brown said. "I let Nick suck my dick... Everybody knows you did it as a female. But, Nick you sucked my dick. Nick been sucking dick."

Who's to say if this can be believed or not? Orlando's previous mental health issues have been well publicized. There was even a recent video showing him roaming around Las Vegas without any shoes.

Why do 90's - 00's stars wait until they've already lost credibility to make these allegations?

If you think this sounds reminiscent of allegations made against former B2K member Omarion by Raz B, you wouldn't be alone. Both Raz B and Orlando Brown have reportedly battled with drugs, and resented the fact that their childhood careers didn't transition to successful adult ones like the people they accused.

Those similarities are often used by fans and homophobes alike to deny the existence of queer behavior among our elite or at least to disregard specific allegations. Maybe they are right.

Another consideration could be that the drug habits were formed during these career peaks to cope with being hyper sexualized at an early age or an unwanted attraction to members of their same gender. Unfortunately, in these two specific cases we might never know!

Nick Cannon Had Literally Just Accused Eminem Of Something Similar

In a weird twist of irony Nick Cannon said this about Eminem in a recent diss track.

"I heard your chauffeur got a video of you sucking a cock," "You paid him off then laid him off/Now who really the opps."

Why Are Black Men Still Weaponizing Homophobia In 2019?

As a gay rapper (music video below) the thing that I find most troubling is that these guys still want to act like there is something wrong with being gay in the first place. I just hope we do get better with this quickly.


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