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Philly Bulls: Kyng Venom and Anye Elite Take The Town

A gay rapper and an xxx star walk into a bar.......

This month rapper and queer activist Anye Elite will be in the city of brotherly love to celebrate gay pride, Juneteenth, and to promote his latest musical release “The Adventures of Bam Bam”. Elite will be performing tracks from “Bam Bam” at Level Up Bar and Lounge, a black gay-owned bar in center city Philly on Saturday, June 20th, 2021. Despite releasing “Adventures of Bam Bam” back in 2019, the “Yass Lawt” rapper had to wait until after the pandemic to return to the city that inspired the bold depiction of black gay life.

The EP’s first cut “Broad'' named after a major Philadelphian thoroughfare is an uptempo shout-out to the nightlife lived by many in the gayborhood, an area of center city known for its cluster of LGBT establishments.

The special Juneteenth weekend appearance will occur alongside local Philadelphia activist and adult entertainer Kevin Mines’ who’s launching his first book “A Life of Lust” detailing his experience as an adult entertainer. Level Up Bar and Lounge, the venue hosting the event holds the distinction of being Philly’s first and only black gay-owned bar in the city.

"In the wake of last year’s social justice movement I feel like Juneteenth and Gay Pride are going to be linked for the foreseeable future, so when I heard about Level Up [bar and lounge] I knew this was the place to be" -Anye Elite

About Life of Lust:

New York Times bestselling author and publisher JL King is excited to announce that JL King Publishing is releasing the breakout memoir of Kevyn Mines's first book, A life of Lust. Memoir of the porn star. This book is a look into the life of a man who went from the church as a youth minister to the top of the porn business. His life tells his story without any holdback. He tells everything that took him on his journey from the good, bad and ugly. Everyone who has lived or living a life of searching what their purpose will identify with this powerful book.

In addition to performing Anye Elite will be moderating a Q&A with Kevin Mines and J.L King. Local performer Dalyla Mizoni Cristal will host the red carpet (w/ best-dressed competition) and DJ Showtyme will provide the tunes.

Visit to RSVP for the event. Tickets are free, however, space is limited.


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