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Warren Outshines Biden At First 2020 LGBTQ FORUM

Angelica Ross calls out the no shows.

In a livestream attempt this is what we were able to cover:

6:58 PST: Elizabeth Warren Steals The Night In An Emotional Plea For Hate Crimes For Trans Killers

5:56 PST: Joe Biden keeps having these Mr. Magoo moments.

5:22 PST: Marianne get's asked about reports that she said positive thinking could be used to prevent or heal HIV

5:17 pst: Marianne Williamson talks about her history volunteering in the HIV epidemic in the 90's. Our Take: We love Marianne but she doesn't seem to be at home in this forum.

5:14 pst: Sarah Kate Ellis: Give Opening Announcements

Watch It In It's Entirety Below:


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