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Odell Beckham Jokingly Slaps Cop's Butt

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Luckily they let him off with a warning.

NFL player and "gay but straight" heartthrob Odell Beckham is making all types of headlines for a football game that he wasn't even playing in!

At a LSU game Beckham was in the locker room cutting it up with the team whom he used to play when things got a little out of hand. We don't know why but in the video below you can see the LSU security officer trying to settle the gang down when Odell sweeps in for a spanking that would undoubtedly make most of our readers very happy.

Unfortunately everybody isn't into that kind of thing. The security guard went to the New Orleans police department and hours later they issued a warrant for his arrest.

It's not debatable that Odell's actions were inappropriate but we really hope that they cut him a break.

Update: The officer reportedly signed an affidavit Friday night saying he no longer wished to press charges, sources said.


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