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Neighbor Torches Gay Couple's Car

A gay couple in Brown County, Ohio said that a dispute with a neighbor has made them fear for their lives, but police are still hoping for the best.

Nathan Paris and his partner moved to the area in 2012. They lived in a shipping container that was converted into a “tiny home,” as he told local news station Local12.

After living there for two years without experiencing any incidents, they moved away and returned last February, when a spar with a neighbor made them feel unsafe. The couple reported the situation to the police, but no direct action has been taken.

Paris explained that the situation began when the neighbor started using homophobic language slurs, yelling at them across a creek.

But the situation escalated, and one day Paris arrived home to find his car flipped on its roof and burned. He called the Brown County Sheriff to report the harassment. According to a police report, the neighbor denied flipping the car, but said that he had a problem with the two men, who he claimed they had no septic, and that they left trash in his property.

On Saturday, Paris said that the man began shooting at the couple.

“Hopefully it ends with the neighbors learning how to get along with each other," Chief Deputy Chris Hodges told Local12.

No charges have been filed against the neighbor.

“If it doesn’t and continues to escalate, it’s going to end up with some getting criminally charged or possibly incarcerated.”

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