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Another Murder Linked To Gay Dating App Grindr

Is anyone keeping track of the body count?

According to news reports out of the United Kingdom a predator has been sentenced to life in prison for murdering a popular Irish dancer.

In a case that bears resemblance to many cases here in the United States, a man from the Tottenham region of London has been found guilty of using a date rape drug to incapacitate 43 year old dancer Adrian Murphy (pictured below).

The now convicted murderer is being reported as Joel Osei. Osei used the gay dating app Grindr to meet his victim. After drugging Murphy, Osei stole his belonging including phone, laptop, and debit cards, giving some to his girlfriend.

As it turns out this wasn't Osei's first time committing such a crime. A few days before Murphy's murder he did the same thing to another victim who was fortunately able to survive the poisoning

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