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Introducing Icon City Blocks

Blocks make it easier for you to connect and create with inclusive urban artists and entrepreneurs in your area.

Did you recently sign-up to be an Icon City Producer? Are you curious about the next steps. If so, you're at the right place. If not learn about becoming an Icon City Producer here.

Icon City founder Aigner "Anye Elite" Ellis unveiled the new initiative:

"as a collective of independent artists and entrepreneurs we are constantly looking for ways to help develop and promote the projects of our producers. Although Icon City is currently headquartered in Los Angeles, our producer network is spread across the world, with concentrations in Atlanta, New York, and Paris."

What is a Block?

An Icon City Block is basically a local chapter of Icon City producers. Within each chapter, there is a Block Captain and a Regional Editor.

What is a Block Captain?

The Block captain maintains and creates relationships with local Icon City vendors and partners outside of the organization; such as venues, production teams, etc.

How can they help me?

For example, if you were looking somewhere to host a performance or pop-up shop. Your local block captain would be a resource in that area.

What is a Regional Editor?

The regional editor is the top contributor to Icon City News (our Buzzfeed-like content platform)

How can they help me?

Sometimes getting the word out about a project can be hard. Icon City regional editors stand by to help you pump out promo content.

You can find your block here or on the "my info" tab in account settings.

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