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"I Thought He Was A Quiet Ally" Says Anye Elite of DaBaby

Unfortunate? Yes. Canceled? Not so much?

In an interview, this morning with Palm Spring's KGAY 106.5 radio personality John Taylor, rapper and Icon City / #FunnyMoneyRock founder Anye Elite was asked to weigh in on the scandal surrounding fellow hip-hop artist DaBaby specifically a set of disparaging comments he made about gay men and people living with HIV, AIDS, and other STDS.

As you likely recall Dababy asked male concertgoers during a performance to put their lighters in the air if they didn't engage in oral sex with another man in the parking lot and if they didn't come to the concert carrying an std.

When asked whether or not Dababy would be able to seek redemption Elite answered in the affirmative citing the divisive political culture as evidence that there will still be a strong audience of people that want to listen to the disgraced artist.

More interestingly is the idea that Elite thought Dababy was secretly some type of "ally" of the gay community when he recorded a song with superstar rapper Lil Nas X who's made history as the first openly black gay one to score a #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts.

The conversation changed once Lil Nas X was brought up as Elite suggested that people looking to excuse Dababy's comments will look to Lil Nas X's provocative presence in the music industry as justification. Catch the 4 min chat below:

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