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I Am Legend Sequel Greenlit With Michael B Jordan

The I Am Legend sequel is finally greenlit and Michael B Jordan will be joining Will Smith in the lead role! Fans of the original movie are excited to see how the story will continue, with Will Smith's character trying to find a way to save humanity from a virus that has turned them into monsters. With Michael B Jordan onboard, it is sure to be an action-packed ride!

As Will Smith continues to experience the natural aging process, his filmography is still admired by fans and critics alike. Unfortunately, an altercation between him and Chris Rock at last year's Oscars added an unfortunate blemish on his longstanding legacy in Hollywood. Thankfully, Smith will be given the chance to make a major resurgence with the help of Michael B Jordan. The two actors have been paired together for the upcoming sequel which has generated much enthusiasm among moviegoers due to their undeniable chemistry. As this latest project strives to gain traction, it is obvious that Smith's collaboration with Jordan will certainly put him back into the good graces of both fans and industry professionals.

Michael B. Jordan has a lot to celebrate. Not only is his star power rising with the news of him joining Will Smith in an upcoming sequel, but he's also making his directorial debut with the newest installment in the popular Creed series. To further excite fans, they get to witness the pairing of him breakout method actor Jonathan Majors. It’s a great time for black leads in Hollywood, and these stars are at the forefront of that movement. We can only imagine what greatness transpires from this dynamic duo.

Ultimately, Will Smith and Michael B Jordan is a powerhouse combination that fans are already starting to get behind. With a roaring backlash over the negative press coverage of Smith's Grammy night debacle, having an Oscar-winning actor come on board is sure to modernize and refresh the series. While details of the plot still remain a mystery, one thing is certain - fans can rest assured that what we will be seeing on screen later this year will be an action-packed adventure starring two of the biggest A-listers in Hollywood. Time will tell if Smith and Jordan can make sparks fly as co-stars, but looking at the trajectory of their careers so far - something tells us they just might!

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