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From Stigma To Style

Two activist are hoping to change the conservation around HIV.

There is no denying that the conversation around HIV has changed drastically since the beginning of the epidemic of the late 80’s. Unfortunately in many under served communities the negative stigma associated with this particular STD has been persistent. Two designers are using affirming apparel as a way to raise awareness.

In Charlotte, North Carolina activist and entrepreneur Linton Walker operates Unapologetically Positive, an initiative that includes the “HIV Lives Matter” apparel campaign. The striking designs include t-shirts and hoodies with the slogan on the front.

Just a few states down in Atlanta, Georgia; Daryon McCurdy’s “My Health Is” similarly features in your face language and designs encouraging drug regimens for HIV positive individuals as well as regular testing and safe sex for those who are negative.

Both of these independent ventures rely on the support of community member’s like you. Salute to these courageous men.


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