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#ByeTulsi Trending After Clinton Outs Gabbard As Russian Plant

The rumors have been out, but now there's weight.

2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is back in the news after suggesting that there was a russian plant inside the Democratic primary race. Although she didn't say any names, her use of the feminine pronoun and the stories already circulating on the topic left one suspect. The idea is that since she will obviously lose the nomination, she'll then drop out and run for president as a third party candidate ala Jill Stein.

TULSI GABBARD: Suspected Russian Plant In 2019 Election

Why are people saying that?

1. She was vocally against the impeachment of Donald Trump.

2. An NBC News report show that the same bots that were used to support Trump were reactivated to support Tulsi Gabbard.

3. Her positions are often aligned with the interests of Vladimir Putin.

Her response to Hillary's non-mention was extremely suspect!

Despite the fact that there are 5 other female candidates in the primary she responded like this:

Is a vote for Gabbard a vote for Putin or worse, more Trump?


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