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Growing Gray While Gay

A group of Angelenos are shedding lights and raising funds for LGBT elders.

Many people associate gay men with a life of fun and excitement, but what happens when the party is over?

On October 5th Los Angelenos will be joining with national non-profit SAGE to raise funds for advocacy and services for LGBT elders.

As people grow older and fewer companies offer retirement plans, the plight of many senior citizens is becoming increasingly difficult. LGBT seniors face some unique challenges. We discussed some of them in a previous article on Pederasty. In it we interviewed various gay seniors and were able to identify some pretty sad common occurrences. In many cases the participants reported difficulty associated with not having started a family and finding affordable housing.

The “day concert” as it’s being billed was recently rescheduled to October 5, 2019 and will be held at A Simple Bar in Hollywood, CA and is being produced in conjuction with “The Baldwin Gentlemen” a black gay men’s social club. Ombre Degrate, Jackie Lipton and Shelley Mackey have been tapped to perform. For more information on the event visit


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