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Film Creator De'Von Forbes To Guest On #FMR Live Tomorrow

We're talking love, life, and the black gay narrative on film.

#FunnyMoneyRockLive airs every Wednesday at 9 pm eastern / 6 pm pacific. Click the thumbnail above to set a YouTube reminder.

Why Black Gay Indie Projects Like “Frenergy” Matter.

When the hype is over, who will continue to tell our stories?

While PoseFX is definitely breaking barriers in the portrayal of black gay men on national tv; the independent scene remains as vibrant as ever. Creator and Icon City block captain De’von Forbes is out with a new project. It’s a web series titled ”Frenergy” and it features an array of Atlanta’s new talent.

Rapper Martel Star (pictured on the right in cover photo) joins Forbes, Ryan Pitts and Elliot Pennington in what kinda appears to be the black gay version of Donald Glover’s “ATL”.

The series will be available on Aconnectiontv who’s creator Wesley Henderson affectionately refers to as the “Black Netflix”

Frenergy is out December 4th.


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