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Foxxjazell Reviews HTC Phones While Doing Postmates

Will viewers watch the new "sober" Foxx?

Fresh out of rehab rapper and social media personality Foxxjazell has been taking us along on her journey of redemption and renewal. Although she's trying to turn over a new leaf, some nemesis from her past are threatening to take her down a dark road. Take for instance the infamous "Big Dick Dana" who made a semi-appearance chasing Foxxjazell down a dark Santa Monican alley. (Video Below)

The "Feel The Vibe" rapper then had to take fire from Dana's godmother.

We're praying for a peaceful resolution for Foxx it's been a long year. First she lit the tabloids on fire with her brief association with Real Housewives of Atlanta star Matt Thompson, then she was locked in a legal and cyber battle with her neighbor. Share this post if you want Foxxjazell to get back to making music.


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