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Discover the Secret Behind Wholy Smokes BBQ, The Valley’s Best Mobile Barbecue

The smell of smoked brisket, ribs and chicken is tantalizing and intoxicating. Coachella Valley residents have the privilege to experience these heavenly aromas because of Wholy Smokes BBQ! This mobile barbecue company has taken the Valley by storm with their delicious soulful dishes and passionate owners. Anye Elite recently spoke with the duo behind it all and got an inside scoop into what makes this company so special. Dive in to discover the secret behind Wholy Smokes BBQ, The Valley's best mobile barbecue!

Amidst the pandemic, a new business rose to fame that became an instant hit- Wholy Smokes. The founder, Dione Rogers, perceived the opportunity to start a business that takes advantage of the surge in outdoor gatherings and events. Many individuals were looking for ways to cope with the uncertainties of the pandemic, and Wholy Smokes offers a perfect solution. With its delectable and delicious menu, Wholy Smokes offers a unique experience and flavors that are sure to leave an unforgettable impression on each of its patrons. It's a wonderful testament to how inspiration can emerge, even in the most unexpected of times.

Attention all Coachella Valley residents! If you're on the lookout for black-owned businesses in the area, look no further than Wholy Smoke. This popular restaurant has caught the eye of our parent company Icon City Entertainment and has earned a spot on their "BlackCoachella.Biz" listing. This means Wholy Smoke is recognized for being a top-notch establishment owned and operated by members of the black community. So next time you're in the mood for some mouth-watering barbecue, head over to Wholy Smoke and support a local business that's making a big impact.