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DeSantis Blocks African-American Studies Course

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

See why some are calling for divestment in Florida.

The administration of Florida governor and likely 2024 republican presidential nominee Ron Desantis has blocked an advanced placement or AP course focused on teaching African-American studies. The move is part of the right's latest attack on what it deems as "woke culture."

The state's Department of Education wrote this month: "The course significantly lacks educational value," adding that they would consider a revised curriculum with lawful, historically accurate content.

How The Resistance Is Forming

Florida Education Association president Fedrick Ingram and civil rights attorney Ben Crump

I'm appalled as a native Floridian, but I'm concerned as a parent, because we have Governor DeSantis, who believes that he was elected to be a king, and not the governor. This is politics 101 inside our classrooms. These are the best and brightest students who would take this class, would have an opportunity to explore advanced placement of African American history, in the same vein that we explore Italian history, or Japanese history, and or AP music theory. -Fedrick Ingram (Florida Education Association President)

Attorney Ben Crump held a news conference in from of a U.S. District Courthouse in New York where he announced that he would lead a lawsuit if Desantis refuses to negotiate with the College Board.

"You cannot exterminate us, you cannot exterminate our culture, and you can never exterminate the value our children [have] to this world,"


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