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Buttigieg Ends Historic Campaign To Be Nation's First Gay Prez

The long shot heard around the world.

You would had to have been a very optimistic supporter of Mayor Pete to believe that he was going to win this race.

His sexuality was but one unique characteristics of a candidacy. If he had won he'd would have been the first democratic presidential nominee to not win a statewide election prior to the primary.

Muddled Results = Muddled Momentum

Once Pete finally did receive that long awaited statewide victory in Iowa the fundraising and media boosts typically awarded to the winner were delayed by Iowa's multi day long delay in declaring an official winner, which for the record Pete won. Conventional opinion is that an outright victory may have drew the attention from black voters much like Barrack Obama's Iowa victory.

King Maker?

Not even a full 24 hrs out of the race and it seems like Mayor Pete is being enlisted to help one of his competitors stop the Bernie Sanders campaign from gathering an insurmountable delegate count. MSNBC is reporting that both Biden and Buttigieg spoke on the phone today.


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