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7 Ways To Acclimate To Life In The US As A New Immigrant

Life in the United States might not always be easy as an immigrant. There are language barriers, legal matters, and the sadness of leaving your loved ones behind to deal with. But, when you are ready for a fresh start, sometimes a drastic change is exactly what you need. Courtesy of Icon City, here are six ideas to help you get accustomed to your new home while holding tight to the customs from childhood that you cherish so dearly.

Learn your new home country's language.

The language barrier is perhaps the biggest challenge you will have to overcome when moving to the US. Since you’re reading this, you’ve likely at least mastered our written language. But speaking can be a bit of a confusing roller coaster since we have many words that don’t always make sense. You can use an online learning course to help you make better sense out of our language. Pimsleur is a popular option that offers a free trial for most languages.

Find a job.

If you’ve already obtained your work permit, great! You’ve got the hardest part out of the way. But do not look at finding a job as simply a means to pay your bills. Find something that gives you purpose and that gets you out and about within your community. As an immigrant, you’ll bring a unique perspective to your job and the people you serve.

Obtain a driver’s license.

Even if you plan to work from home, you’ll