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5 Secrets to Stress Reduction for Entrepreneurs

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Work can easily consume your life, especially during a pandemic that means everyone has to stay at home. But when you’re building a new company or growing your small business, entrepreneurship can add even more stress to the equation. If you’re looking for ways to ease anxiety while running your business, try these secrets to stress reduction for entrepreneurs, courtesy of Icon City.

1. Spend Time Outside

Whether it’s the balcony of your apartment, the backyard garden, or a park or other green space, spending time outside can refresh you for your next big business task. Clean air and the soothing presence of nature are just two perks — research also highlights the positive impacts sunlight can have on the brain and your overall stress levels.

Sunlight can impact mood in positive ways, says Brain Facts, directly affecting the brain’s “mood-regulating areas.” The bottom line? A daily dose of natural light may help you feel happier and sleep better, which could relieve daily stress.

2. Treat Yourself a Little

Regular pick-me-ups are one secret to stress reduction for entrepreneurs. When you have a tea break to look forward to, or a sweet treat waiting in the kitchen, it’s a little bit easier to get through those tough tasks on your to-do list. While plenty of entrepreneurs turn to coffee for a burst of caffeine (and usually added sweetness), tea is a wellness-promoting alternative that can feel just as decadent.

Plus, tea may even help you recover from stress, highlights Nature, pointing to studies that suggest tea can help lower stress hormone levels. Whatever flavor you prefer, stepping away from your desk for a hot or cold cup can help you re-energize before getting back to work.

3. Dedicate Time to Admin Tasks

It’s easy to get caught up in the creative elements of your business. But if you overlook the building blocks — like forming a business entity or filing your operational permits — you could wind up facing fees and even more stress. And just imagine what could happen if you find out too late that your business shares a name with an existing company (that doesn’t want to share). To cover all your bases, make sure your entity name is not already in use. Then check out the filing fees and requirements for your chosen business structure before filling out your paperwork.

You also need to familiarize yourself with payroll. If you decide to hire employees to help with your business, you’ll need to start thinking about things like W-4 forms, IRS deadlines, and payment schedules. Although you can do this task yourself, outsourcing this work to a payroll for startup service can free up your time and provide some peace of mind. Plus, after addressing the basics, you can move on to the more exciting angles of running a business.

4. Clock Out Each Day

Sure, entrepreneurship can be time-consuming, but it shouldn’t engulf your entire life. Make sure to ‘clock out’ and take time away from work responsibilities. It might just be the biggest secret to stress reduction for entrepreneurs: carving out time for yourself (and your loved ones) helps rejuvenate you for the next day’s work.

How do entrepreneurs relax? The short answer is that there’s no wrong way, and “me time” can be whatever you want — as long as it’s not work-related. From exercising to reading to taking up a hobby like knitting or art, anything that distracts your brain from work in a creative way is a great choice.

5. Employ Coping Strategies

Some days, it may all feel like too much. When you just can’t escape stress and anxiety, consider some offbeat coping strategies for entrepreneurial stress. For example, enforcing regular breaks during your packed workday can help you reset. Exercise, even if it’s a quick jog up and down the stairs, can help you shake off fatigue and refocus when you’re back at your desk.

One simple — if challenging — strategy for coping with entrepreneurial stress is to ditch perfectionism. There’s always room, and time, for improvement — so cut yourself some slack as needed. After all, you’re the boss!

Stress reduction for entrepreneurs almost sounds like a fairytale. But although the nature of entrepreneurship is fast-paced and stress-filled, there are ways to dial it back and recenter yourself. Whether you grab a cup of tea or find another way to calm your nerves, there are countless ways to make business ownership even more rewarding.


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