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Local Atlanta Designer Uses Fashion To Bring Community Together.

Atlanta has enjoyed the reputation as "black mecca" for the last few decades. However residents will be the first to explain to you that like many cities across America people tend to self segregate into their own racial and socio economic circles. With a little help from a local transit development project and a passion for fashion Lionel Lymon is sparking conversation and bringing people together with his custom made hats.

5 years ago Atlanta invested millions of dollars into a bike trail called the BeltLine that surrounds downtown Atlanta and connects a number of diverse neighborhoods. "When I first started approaching people with my hats people did not know what to make of me" say Lionel but now bike riders and dog walkers stop Lionel whenever they see him hoping to snag his one of kind hats. Luckily you don't have to chase Lionel around Atlanta/ Get you're custom hat here.

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