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Anye Elite Releases New "On My Phone"

Los Angeles, CA - Today the internet woke up to a new song from Anye Elite, fresh off an instagram shout out from rap queen Remy Ma. Anye's new song "On My Phone" features new artist CinaMa and can easily be seen as a follow up to his tongue and cheek hip-hop song "Yass Lawt". Anye and CinaMa trade raunchy lines that we can't repeat including a ballsy reference to the assassination of Giani Versace. The song is out on Apple Music and Spotify but you can listen below:

Last night Anye Elite debuted the track on the Joe Cabello show. The episode touched on a variety of topics including Mariah Carey, marijuana, body shaming, and of course the gay rapper debate.

"On My Phone" is Anye Elite's third release this year making good on a pledge he made during an interview with Georgia Voice to release a new song every month this year. "On My Phone" follows the gritty east coast "Real Reasons" and "Simple Love" a futuristic R&B tune rising on Spotify's UK charts. Stay tuned to Icon City.net for more inclusive urban entertainment.

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