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Whitney Houston Was Bisexual, Get Over It

She lived in a pre Lil Nas X world.

The term “rest in peace” must just be a figure of speech when it comes to soul of the late great Whitney Houston. Hollywood producers and people associated with the singer are literally tripping over one another to tell their Whitney stories.

The latest book is interesting because it’s the first hand account of Robyn Crawford , Whitney’s long rumored high school sweetheart and personal assistant. Her decision to come forward has been met with some controversy and it’s kinda disgusting.

If people were criticizing the redundant nature of publishing yet another Whitney story but instead I suspect it’s homophobia. Unfortunately so many people across the country still hold onto the thought that being a part of the LGBT community is somehow shameful. That ideologically automatically prevented Whitney from living out loud and could of have contributed to some of her personal demons.

Hopefully successes of artists like Frank Ocean, Wanda Sykes, and Lil Nas X will make people more comfortable in their skins.


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