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This Restaurant Sells Food & Cannabis.

Prohibition is almost over; take a look inside this new concept.

Sure they have an extreme cost of living and earthquakes, but another thing the Californians have is recreational marijuana. Although cannabis has been legal for anyone over 21 for the majority of the year. Lowell just opened the nations's first Cannabis cafe in Los Angeles and they were looking for a few testers, so of course we were like:

The Pros:

  • The place is super ventilated, we were worried the smoke smell might not compliment the food super well.

  • The staff is super friendly and chill. None of that snobby pretentiousness that Hollywood is known for. Shout out to Nina (she's one of the managers, we think but didn't ask) for taking pictures for us.

  • The food is good! It's a small but focused menu.

The Cons:

  • Seating is a bit of a problem. Be prepared to tighten your core as you eat. Almost ever other seat is a stool without backs.

  • They are still waiting on their alcohol license.

As you can see we didn't really have much of negative experiences. We just can't wait for there to be more of them. Lowell Cafe has already been featured in Forbes, so we're sure investors will be lining up to open more soon. Check out our experience below.

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