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Target Thief Calls For U.S. Representative To Be Hung

Where do they keep finding these people?

Supporters of the weird guy at 1600 Pennsylvania are definitely a unique bunch. Regardless how much the deplorable phrase back fired or not; you can't deny that some of them are just plain out crummy.

Take Danielle Stella for example, watch the video below or read more after the jump:

Danielle Stella was permanently kicked of Twitter after calling for a treason trial against congresswoman Ilhan Omar, whom she is running to replace as the representative for Minnesota's 5th congressional district which covers the entirety of Minneapolis.

Without a shred of evidence she's alleging that Omar passed sensitive information to the Iranians. Upon researching the background of Danielle Stella we found some interesting information. According to police records she was arrested for shoplifting from Target earlier this year.

Now why this young klepto would want to draw this attention to herself is beyond me. We have a feeling she'll be making more news soon.


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