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Sampson McCormick Calls Jussie Smollett Out For Bad Business Deal

Even after he had his back during the scandal.

Comedian Sampson McCormick and actor-turned-director Jussie Smollett are not seeing eye to eye over a business deal that turned sour. Their history adds insult to injury.

It all revolves around the film production of James Earl Hardy's B-Boy Blues. The story features the tumultuous relationship between two black men in 1990's NYC. McCormick had been staring in the stage adaptation of B-Boy Blues and had even recently begun producing short films. For those reasons it was widely assumed that Sampson would be involved in the upcoming movie. It was hinted as much when a press release was sent out and even shared on The Wendy Williams show.

Fast forward to the present, it appears as Sampson and Jussie were able to resolve things as the film is out now on BET+ and McCormick was able to maintain his producing credits.

Over the summer he's gone on Facebook live to air his grievances in a since-deleted Facebook post. But we found a remnant of the shade below:

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