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"Maybe Next Christmas" Is The Holiday Film We Need

If you are on the hunt for a new Christmas movie featuring a predominantly African-American cast, then "Maybe Next Christmas" might be just the flick for you. Philaye Films, a black-owned entertainment company out of Los Angeles, the company is known for showcasing black and LGBTQ stories is behind the release.

The film's female cast includes Arabia Little, Tiaramy Maloy, and Monece is basically Preston A. Whitmore II's "This Christmas" meets "This Christmas". Antoine Tate, Andre Hunt, Erian Woods, Lauren Jones, and Dominique Stango also turn in solid performances in the holiday indie.

The dramatic comedy has 3 black women who own a coffee shop stuck at the shop away from their friends and family during the holidays. It's a feel-good film that will have you reaching for the hot cocoa.

Check out the trailer below:

Where To Watch:

Mometu and Emblaze TV both carry the movie.

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